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Exclusive dowry of a noble local dynasty, Tenuta Montenari is a prestigious villa built about in 1747. It was the residence of an aristocratic family, who wanted to affirm its prestige by having a greek-byzantine intimate church built inside the structure. The majesty of the colonnade, which leads into the dwelling, enchants and seduces by sinking its roots in its history. Luxuriant creepers enclose three majestic boulevards, which lead into the heart of the dwelling, where time gets rarefied. The feather in the cap of Tenuta Montenari in the greenery of the flowering gardens is the amphitheatre, ideal location for wonderful summer nights: a place between history and nature that represents the continuous research of refinement and light. The structure has been executing receptions for thirty years now. The perceived sensation is that of crossing a seductive reality, with an atmosphere that evokes an enchanting immersion in the nineteenth century. Place inspired to the celebration of all the senses, where neoclassical furnishings chime with bright and welcoming spaces, it is the perfect ambient to fulfil the most important event of your life. Here the original harmony of the spaces and the art of hospitality blend together, in order to offer, to the spouses and their guests, a scenery of great charm in a melodious suggestion, which makes each reception at Tenuta Montenari absolutely one of a kind.

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The organisation of your wedding with talent and expertise, creativity and precision. The assistance of the whole staff will pamper you, from the reservation phase to the execution of the reception, by guiding you in the choice of every singular detail, in order to plan together a reception that masterfully represents your personal style and to realise an event that impresses the most prestigious expectations.

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Discover Tenuta Montenari Luxury Wedding Events planned for you to meet the wonderful world of Wedding and to take a look in preview your fairy tale in our beautiful Historic House. Dreaming of get married in a fabulous Aristocratic Villa? Our Events about Wedding are made for you: you can be surrounded by the most suggestive Salento Bridal Athmosphere and taste every single romantic moments of your Marriage.

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