All Inclusive Luxury Weddings in Tenuta Montenari Historic House

Get Married in a Historic Villa: have a perfect Wedding in Lecce

The Historic House Tenuta Montenari is a place that the newlyweds and their guests will never forget. Prestigious villa built in 1747, constituted the exclusive Wedding Dowel of a Salento Noble Family of the eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century it was therefore the residence of an Aristocratic Family who also wanted to enrich it with a church of Greek-Byzantine inspiration, an intimate spiritual place for the family. Its history makes this beautiful Noble Villa, today a sumptuous Ceremony Hall, an incredibly romantic place that expresses the taste and the luxury of its era in the beauty of every detail. Since more than thirty years, Tenuta Montenari has been the dream of the couples who decide to get married in Lecce with a unique and personal reception. Only here the newlyweds will find a skilled and competent Wedding Planners team who will make every wedding become a fairy tale to remember. Tenuta Montenari is not just a Location for Weddings where Nature meets Art and History, but the starting point of a New Life Together.
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All Inclusive Receptions: how to plan a Magical Luxury and Carefree Wedding

Planning the wedding of your dreams has not to be as stressful as many people guess. Helped by a Wedding Planner team, with Original Ideas and extremely skilled, you will be sure to delight your guests with magnificent furnishing, engaging shows, tasty banquets of haute cuisine, special sweets, satisfying everyone's food choises and needs (celiac, vegan, vegetarian, intolerant or simply demanding). And moreover enchanting Luminous Waterfalls, luxuriant Textile and Floral Decorations, different Artistic and Musical Exhibitions, Rum, Cigars, Personalized Wedding Cakes, Professional Photographers and Video Makers, Entertainment and Activities for Children, Photographic Stations, Souvenir Books, Postcards, Favors and other Souvenirs of a Magical Day. We will welcome you and accompany you from the first contact, we will take care of every little detail. Your guests will be charmed by the Wedding Reception and you will be the protagonists of your fairy tale, a dream that can become Reality, of course at Tenuta Montenari!

Our Mission is to offer to every Couple the Marriage of their Dreams, optimizing the available budget, thanks to our long experience as Wedding Planners. We see Wedding Receptions Planning and Realization as a Great Passion. Couples who choose to get married in Puglia, or more precisely to get married in Lecce, look for that typical Salento hospitality, that unique warmth, bringing our Sun and our Sea into our hearts. Whether you are a local couple or coming from afar, we will give you a good advise and make you feel at home, we will accompany you in your Exciting Wedding, as we have been doing for more than thirty years in our historic villa. Tenuta Montenari: forever together!
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